The value of a User Experience professional to businesses is rising all the time. As many industries focus on digital transformation this brings significant requirements to interact with their target audiences through platforms such as apps, websites and software solutions. The technical capability of these is one thing but as big a consideration is how user friendly and engaging the product is. Failure in this department and interaction with customers / audiences becomes heavily restricted and decreases the value of their offering. 

Due to the increased demand for User Experience skills, there is a serious war for talent - Visual Design, Interaction Design, Product Design, UX Research through to UX Development. According to LinkedIn 6,538 UX professionals have moved roles and companies in the last 12 months in New York alone. At present there are 2,295 live jobs listed on the platform that require UX skills and based in New York. The trends suggest the demand will increase and this will impact supply. 

As we consider the possibility of talent shortage, companies may have to focus on the importance of sourcing appropriate talent now before it becomes more challenging to do so and quality of output is impacted. We have identified the companies that are leading the way in terms of hiring UX talent in the last 12 months. 

Companies with 5,000 + employees 

1. Google

2. JPMorgan Chase & Co

3. IBM

4. Facebook

5. WeWork

Companies with 1001 - 5000 employees

1. Spotify

2. The New York Times

3. Huge

4. FCB Health

5. Conde Nast

Companies with less than 1000 employees

1. Squarespace

2. BCG Digital Ventures

3. Etsy

4. Compass / 

5. VaynerMedia

There is no dominant industry when it comes to hiring UX talent in the last 12 months. This re-enforces the argument that most sectors are now adapting to a digital first approach to interaction with their audience. It is a great time to be in UX, but companies face many challenges in the sourcing and retention of talent with this skillset. 

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