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CRM Specialist

Greater London
Posted: 16/01/2023

£50K - £60K / Year

CRM Specialist

You have been working with CRM for a while and feel like you belong to that small click of people who actually know how it is supposed to be done.


You are a newly graduate within CRM, Marketing automation, Digital marketing or another relevant education, and just can't wait to learn more and kickstart your career.

  • Experience with HTML (you don't need to know everything but you need to understand how modules are built etc.)
  • You have a technical understanding of what you do and are not totally foreign to QA, workflows, marketing automation etc.
  • Strong communication skills in English
  • Experience of CRM and/or Customer Engagement
  • Experience of working in Braze is a (BIG) plus
  • Have a relevant education
The Role
  • Revolutionise the way our clients communicate with their customers.
  • Work in accordance with the client way of working.
  • Develop and launch campaigns via e-mail and in mobile apps.
  • Develop and implement workflows to make sure that the right people receive the correct messages at the right time.
  • Improve performance through subject line testing and other qualitative-driven testing methods.
  • Set up campaigns based on briefs that define cadence, sequencing, and dynamic content rule/logic.