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TDA looks to support all of its staff equally across the business. We proactively encourage learning for all team members, take time to understand their ambitions and help them to achieve them.

However, one of our continued greatest successes is our TDA Academy.

The TDA academy is giving young, driven people from all backgrounds the opportunity to embark on an exciting, successful career in recruitment while earning a fair and competitive wage.

In September 2021, TDA Creative launched the TDA Academy to offer an opportunity for driven and ambitious individuals to join our business. Applicants required no previous experience in recruitment, they just needed to show drive and the ability to want to take ownership of their future.

After a successful assessment day in their central London office, we took on and began training a diverse group of 6 young people to begin their journey in recruitment with the TDA team. The academy attracted all manner of professionals before signing up, backgrounds included those in waste management, students, retail workers, carers and more.

Lasting for 3 months, the trainee team were constantly guided and given the chance to be hands-on by speaking to real candidates and clients to develop as professionals. They were able to shadow senior team members, craft relationships, guide real people through interview processes and build their professional networks.

All trainees were given a competitive salary and the chance to earn commission on any placements they made during their experience with the team, which many of them did. TDA has been blown away by how the academy has grabbed the horns of this opportunity and grown in such a short time.

As we move on to the third iteration of the Academy, those that have come through the doors have shown incredible growth and have become highly valued assets to our business.

Academy Testimonial

Chimene Basilwa, “Before the academy, I was working part-time as a customer service representative at Sheraton hotel while studying. However, the pandemic came, and I was unemployed for a year.

My experience so far has been great. Everyone is friendly and I appreciated the team celebrating me for my graduation in September. I felt the warmth and support from the team.

This experience is a stepping stone to my career to understand who I am in the working world, mould my craft and make an impact on my world.”

We now look forward to our next academy of bright and ambitious individuals to join the TDA team.

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