Expert solutions to your Cybersecurity talent challenges.

With the ever-changing threat landscape and the ongoing adoption of cloud technology, choosing the right talent partner in Cybersecurity is more important than ever. Depend on TDA to keep your organization and customers safe from increasingly sophisticated digital attacks.

Why choose TDA at your talent partner?

✓ Streamlined process
In a niche market it can be difficult hire the right team members, with our teams unrivalled ability to match specialists to your needs, we make hiring easy for you.
✓ Knowledge sharing
You get access to our insights such as hiring trends, salary, industry changes and more. Keeping you you fully informed with what is happening in the cyber sector.
✓ Recruitment at scale
Our permanent and contract resources can be scaled at pace to meet any project or requirement your organisation has.
✓ Built on trust
We act as your trusted partner, only providing you with the candidates we know are right for the role. Giving you exactly what you need when you need it.

The specialists you need...

Permanent Cyber Specialists

To recruit into your business-as-usual teams can be challenging. We spend around 2080 hours per year at work, which is why finding the person who is the right cultural and technical fit to join your permanent teams is essential.

When recruiting we take the time to understand what you need but also understand what makes your team tick, their ethics and dynamic. Meaning when we go to market, we source the candidates that will fit into your everyday operations fluidly.

Contract (Freelance) Cyber Specialists

Contractors offer you a highly specialised skillset to overcome the most complex challenges your organisation might be facing without a big commitment.

We can scale and pace the delivery of contractors as you need them, while covering on-boarding, timesheets, contracts and more to ensure a quick, cost-effective and risk-free solution for any need.

Cybersecurity roles we recruit

Security Analyst / SOC Analyst 

Security Engineer 

Security Architect 

DevSecOps Engineers / Architects 

Application Security Engineer / Architects 

Cloud Security Engineer / Architect 

Incident Response Engineer/ Analyst 

Penetration Tester 

Product Security Engineer 

Cyber/Information Security Manager/ Director/VP

Chief Information Security Officer 

Senior Governance, Risk and Compliance Specialists

Meet the leader

Amy Knoell

Amy Knoell

Associate Director of Cybersecurity

Amy has been staffing and recruiting technologists for over 23 years, and filling positions in the cybersecurity space specifically for the last 15 years. She has worked extensively in the US market staffing Cybesecurity roles as well as building out offices and developing recruiting /sales teams.

Her focus in the cybersecurity market has given her the ability to understand the many challenges faced by candidates looking for security positions as well as the struggles that corporations face when looking for top Cybersecurity talent.

She is also heavily involved in non-profit organizations including geared towards driving more women and minorities into cybersecurity related roles.

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